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Entire Italian Alpine Village for Sale on eBay

Posted on: 08-Jul-2014

It is not unheard of to find obscure items listed on eBay, but one Italian vendor has gone one step further and listed an entire Apline village for sale . The Italian village has gone up for sale on the auction site with a staggering price tag of just €245,000 - much less than the cost of a single family home in the UK!

The picturesque village of Borgata Calsazio is comprised of 14 houses with a total of more than 50 rooms, and is located around 50km from Turin in the north-west of Italy. Calsazio is set close to the breath-taking Gran Paradiso National Park, a protected area and is ripe for development, possibly as a small tourist resort.

However, there is considerable work to be done as all 14 buildings are in need of total refurbishment which due to the age and location of the village must be sympathetically restored using materials and techniques of the original construction.

The village is listed with a "Buy it Now" price tag and is described by the seller as being in a 'used condition' with no possibility of returning the item should the buyer be unsatisfied.

The seller - calling themselves it2014.piemo - joined eBay on 5th July specifically to list the village which is being sold with the assistance of Italy's National Union of Mountain Towns and Communities (UNCEM) .

Described in the listing as having a "strategic location" UNCEM says on its website that "Calsazio lends itself well to an intervention by a private individual who can buy properties and with a general recover program, develop them".

The €245,000 price tag converts to £194,500 which is just marginally more than the cost of an average family home in the UK, £188,903 according to figures from Nationwide.

The population of mountainous regions in Italy is decreasing and sales like this could theoretically help to revive smaller villages.

Marco Bussone of UNCEM said: "The owners contacted us about a year ago when we opened up a process to identify possible villages that could be revitalised throughout the entire Alpine area of Piedmont. The buildings have distinctive architectural styles which need to be preserved. We couldn't allow sloppy restorations that don't fit in with the local traditions, especially as the village is close to the national park".

Article by +James Roberts on behalf of Propertyshowrooms.com

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